LLC Launches 120 Local Real Estate Search Por

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  POCONO MOUNTAINS, Pa., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- LLC has launched over 120 local search portals that allow consumers to conduct real estate searches within a familiar local environment. By segmenting nearly 100,000 active real estate listings into local geographical groupings, VideoHomes has created a local network of unique search portals that cover the entire United States.

Built as a free advertising medium for today's Real Estate Professional, VideoHomes prominently displays all direct contact information of the listing agent with each listing advertised. VideoHomes empowers local real estate professionals with the ability to fully promote the totality of their business within a local atmosphere.

Meeting the demands of speed and efficiency that consumers require from today's Internet, VideoHomes makes use of online video through the embedding of video tours inside a listing's individual details page. Local video news clips and community video tours also contribute to the continual drive by VideoHomes to be the leader in local real estate video distribution. is the epicenter within the VideoHomes Network of Geo Vertical real estate search portals. Of the current 120 individual websites that comprise the VideoHomes Network, each contains unique real estate listings as well as additional content specific to that geography. By bringing to the surface and therefore increasing access to more relevant data, the SEO benefits of the VideoHomes design are tremendous. In addition to the increase of relevancy for the user, having multiple websites grants VideoHomes the ability to operate individual navigation menus based on each local geography represented.

"We wanted to be more than just another national search, the goal was always to stand out by design", says company founder Joe French. "When an agent tells a seller that he or she will advertise that seller's Orlando home on it has immediate impact. VideoHomes has integrated the intimacy of one's local familiarity and coupled it with the raw power of a national network", explains French.

The company hopes to launch all of their more than 200 local web portals in the near future and continues to develop their more than 100 directions domains the company owns such as and

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